Care Delivery

Emerald Clinics

Emerald Clinics, a subsidiary of Emyria, is a pioneering, Australian-based clinical service.

We specialise in delivering innovative therapies for patients struggling with complex and chronic conditions, particularly where conventional treatments have not been successful.
With a wealth of experience in the use of unregistered medicines, including cannabinoids, our mission is to personalise care and improve patient outcomes.
Our strength lies in our robust, ethically-sourced data collection, driving both patient care and the evolution of healthcare innovation.
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Pax Centre

The Pax Centre, now part of the Emyria family, is an leading provider of specialist psychological trauma services in Australia.

We are committed to delivering personalised and evidence-based therapy for individuals affected by traumatic life experiences. Our expert team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, mental health nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and physical therapists, all dedicated to supporting patients through their healing journey.
The Pax Centre also stands at the forefront of innovation, applying trauma-informed strategies and leading-edge treatments such as psychedelic-assisted therapies. We believe in fostering resilience and growth, and our unique approach is underpinned by Emyria's robust data-driven model. Together, we are working towards revolutionising mental health care and outcomes and setting new benchmarks for treatment success.

Maritime Health Clinic

Maritime Health Clinic, located in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, is a specialised Australian GP clinic offering comprehensive consultations for complex health issues.

Prioritising longer patient visits, the clinic focuses on mental health, pain management, substance use harm reduction, and medication optimisation. As well as neuromotor disease and paediatric behavioural disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Maritime Clinics is enriched by a referral network of top-tier healthcare professionals and innovators, and is dedicated to studying emerging treatments like cannabinoids and MDMA-assisted therapy.
This innovative approach sets Maritime Clinics apart, offering a unique healthcare experience that complements standard care.
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