Myriad data.
Individual care.

Data-backed drug development

How do you fast-track the development of novel treatments and therapies? How do you provide deeper, more effective care?

By developing technology-powered health services that elevate clinical care and deliver deeper clinical insights. By learning from every patient. By testing and validating novel treatments in the real world. In real time. By collecting and systematising live, dynamic, multidimensional patient data and clinical evidence. By making patients part of the clinical research journey and clinical innovation part of every patient’s health journey. Welcome to Emyria and evidence-generating care.

We Are

Caring. Curious. Courageous.


We're developing new care models for patients with unmet needs by using novel treatments and by bringing together patients, clinicians, researchers and medical innovators.

To dive deeper into each patient’s case, especially patients who have run out of options. To deliver a greater depth of clinical care. To think more deeply and innovatively about helping people thrive and live happier, healthier lives.

We’re accelerating drug development by pioneering new ways to collect, standardise and analyse dynamic patient data and clinical evidence.

To discover insights previously hidden from view. To test, validate and develop novel treatments and therapies. In the real world. In collaboration with our clinicians, patients and clinical evidence specialists.


A world-class clinical service for patients with unmet needs

A bespoke data platform gathering ethically-sourced clinical evidence with patients

Deep data analysis to reveal unique IP and targeted drug-response insights

Data-backed drug development towards formal registration

We see a global opportunity and believe that much of what we want to achieve today is already possible by bringing together the right talent and technology and staying caring, curious and courageous.


Ours is a collaborative vision and venture. We’re bringing people and partners together for the greater good: patients, clinicians, researchers, medical innovators and, of course, investors.

If, like us, you’re inspired by the almost limitless humanitarian and commercial potential of our evidence-generating clinical care, here’s where you can find out more about Emyria.
75 %
FDA approvals where real-world evidence (RWE) was provided, and growing.
1000 +
Unique data points collected per patient.
$ 3 T USD
Trillion USD cost of chronic disease and mental health per year in the US.
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