Our Name & Brandmark

What does our name mean?

Our name is derived from the word ‘myriad’, which you’ll also see in our tagline:

Myriad data. Individual care.

We see limitless potential for life-saving clinical innovation and care when we bring patients, clinicians and innovators together for the greater good.

We’re pioneering new technologies and methodologies for gathering, systematising and leveraging ever-expanding constellations of live, multidimensional patient data. Together, we’re generating rich, dynamic real-world evidence that opens up and fast-tracks infinite opportunities for deeper, more effective, individualised treatments and care.

Say It!


Derived from ‘Myriad’: Noun: an indefinitely great number of persons or things.
Adjective: of an indefinitely great number; innumerable.

What’s the inspiration behind our brandmark?

We’re caring, courageous and curious. These are the values that inspired our brandmark.

Like the myriad clinical data we generate, our brandmark is multidimensional. It can be viewed and interpreted in myriad ways. Like the care we provide, it’s singular and dynamic and thought-provoking. Like the healthcare challenges we address, it’s a maze to be explored and resolved.

Inspired by progressive thinkers and pioneers like Picasso, Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid, our brandmark is simultaneously emotionally engaging and intellectually stimulating. Challenging yet revelatory. Carefully considered yet bold and adventurous. Just like us.


Curious about our programs?

Discover how we’re using live patient data to power clinical innovation and deliver game-changing clinical care.
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