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Registered treatments for patients with unmet needs.

Emyria treatments and drug development programs are focussed on addressing unmet needs. Emyria's programs are unique in that they are informed by the carefully generated Real World Evidence (RWE) we create with our patients across our clinical service. Our clinical-trial-grade data provides deep dose-response information that helps us understand what treatments work, in whom and when. We use those insights to develop our own treatments and support formal registration with major global regulators.
EMD-003 | a cannabinoid medicine targeting mental health
EMD-004 | a cannabinoid medicine targeting irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Additional registration programs underway with strategic partners


Improving care for patients with unmet needs.

Across our clinical network, our clinician-led care teams provide personalised, evidence-generating care for patients with unmet needs. We monitor and evaluate promising new treatments, in the real world, while generating unique insights that help us provide individualised care. We treat more than 44 different debilitating and costly health concerns, including mental health, chronic pain, addiction, neurodegenerative, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal conditions. The evidence we collect in our clinic is regulator-grade, Real-World Evidence (RWE) which informs our care and powers our own drug development programs.
Emerald Clinics (Australia) | Sapphire Medical (UK partner)
Over 40 unmet needs
Patients aged 2-96
More than 3,000 patients under care, and growing.


Robust and ethically-sourced real-world patient data providing unique treatment insights.

Our unique data platform helps us manage, monitor and improve the safety and efficacy of novel treatments for patients with unmet medical needs. We generate patient data and Real World Evidence (RWE) while providing care. Our data is a source of unique insights and intellectual property and also helps us improve care.
More than 2.6M data points, and growing!
Multiple drug developers using our data
75% of FDA approvals incorporate real-world evidence and growing


Remote care, powered by your smartphone and backed by a clinical team.

Our TGA-registered, clinician-led, remote screening, triage and monitoring platforms help track symptoms, clinical signs and other risk factors away from our clinics. We apply this technology to proactively manage the health of our patients and trial participants. Our data systems ensure we obtain clinical evidence of the highest quality.
Openly: A wellness screening service, powered by your smartphone and backed by a clinical team
Actionable risk-management insights
Clinical-trial grade data capture to inform care
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