About Us

Company Overview

Emyria uses industry-leading data collection to find solutions to unsolved medical problems. We use cutting-edge technology to develop new treatments and therapies for people who have run out of options.

Our data is sourced from the real world and our health services are based on real patients and real experiences, to make sure every new technology, every new medication and every discovery is based on the best possible evidence.

We are at the forefront of innovation in how we collect data and how we use it.

Our mission is to help those who worry they are beyond help and that modern medicine has no answers.



A world-class clinical service for patients with unmet needs


A bespoke data platform gathering ethically-sourced clinical evidence with patients


Deep data analysis to reveal unique IP and targeted drug-response insights


Data-backed drug development towards formal registration

Our Work

Emyria creates drug development programs backed by its proprietary clinical evidence, while caring for patients with unmet needs. Emyria’s subsidiary company, Emerald Clinics, has seven sites in Australia and has treated more than 4,500 patients – underpinned by a data system that has already gathered millions of data points.

Emyria is leading the market with sophisticated RWE generating systems. It has supportive technology that captures data in an ethical way and delivers insights back to patients and clinical teams so they can respond in a timely fashion – with examples including adverse event monitoring, precise product selection and personalised dosing.

Our Methodology

Emyria’s focus is broad and ambitious – and includes one-to-one and aggregated research on a wide range of novel treatments tackling challenging clinical conditions where there are high unmet needs. Think medicinal cannabis, psychedelics, and other unregistered treatments that are in high demand to meet unmet patient needs.

Emyria is scientific in its approach to understanding peoples’ clinical experiences and outcomes in the context of real life, not just as a single touchpoint with their care team. The ultimate goal? Proactive and intelligent healthcare.

For Investors

The work we’re doing has almost limitless humanitarian and commercial potential.

We’re looking to develop medicines and treatments that will improve the lives the millions of people around the world living with autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, IBS and countless other conditions for which treatments are either non-existent, expensive or come with negative side effects.

Finding those solutions will change the game for everyone.

If you’d like to help us do that or are looking for more information, you can find out more here.

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