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“MDMA & Modern Medicine” Podcast with Psychiatrist Dr Ben Sessa

“MDMA & Modern Medicine” Podcast with Psychiatrist Dr Ben Sessa

Don’t miss this captivating podcast on “MDMA and Modern Medicine”

Respected Psychiatrist and Psychedelic researcher Dr Ben Sessa and Mind Manifest host and Psychotherapist Niall Campbell discuss the therapeutic potential of MDMA-assisted therapy.
Dr Sessa sheds light on the emerging field of MDMA-assisted therapy, which has attracted interest as a new therapeutic approach for treating challenging mental health conditions and enhancing psychotherapy outcomes. This captivating episode is filled with thought-provoking insights and personal anecdotes from Dr Sessa’s research in the field. It is a glimpse into a potential future where these substances may be more widely accepted and integrated into mainstream healthcare.

This episode was recorded during Dr Sessa’s visit to Perth for Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Training at Pax Center in May 2023.

The audio version of this episode is also available here:

Read full notes of the episode at the: Mind Manifest Podcast Website

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