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Psychedelic Therapy Training Begins with Dr Ben Sessa

Psychedelic Therapy Training Begins with Dr Ben Sessa

We’re thrilled to begin Psychedelic Therapy Training today at the PAX Center with the expert guidance of respected psychiatrist and psychedelic researcher Dr Ben Sessa. 

Dr Sessa is passionate about the groundbreaking developments taking place in Australia regarding the use of psychedelic therapies. With mental health problems reaching epidemic proportions globally, there is an urgent need to explore innovative treatments for conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, personality disorders, addictions, and trauma-based disorders like PTSD.

Dr. Sessa emphasised that despite the best efforts of modern medicine, many individuals with these conditions remain unwell, unable to work, and reliant on disability benefits, impacting all aspects of their lives and society as a whole.

According to Dr. Sessa, the key to psychedelic therapies lies not solely in the drugs themselves but in the integration of counselling and psychotherapy techniques. 

“It’s not really about the drug. It’s more about the counselling, the drug acts as a primer, and the drug acts to put the patient into a new mental state which, through careful clever focused psychotherapy, can result in these lifestyle changes and breaking through the barriers of trauma that hold them back.”

Psychedelics act as a catalyst, inducing a new mental state in patients that, when combined with carefully crafted and focused psychotherapy, can lead to significant lifestyle changes and the breaking down of long-standing barriers created by trauma.

During his visit to Perth, he was interviewed on both 6PR and ABC.

Take a listen to both recent radio interviews of Dr Ben Sessa on 6PR with Gary Adshead and with Christine Layton on ABC (Interview begins at.)

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