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EMD-RX5 Recruitment Begins

EMD-RX5 Recruitment Begins

Emyria Limited (ASX: EMD) is pleased to announce participant recruitment, screening and consenting has commenced for its EMD-RX5 clinical development program.

EMD-RX5 is an ultra-pure, highly bioavailable cannabidiol (CBD) capsule with potential to become a registered treatment for multiple indications. EMD-RX5 is the Company’s first, proprietary cannabinoid-based medical treatment.

Emyria Managing Director, Dr. Michael Winlo, said: Emyria’s first registration program is aimed at developing an over-the-counter, Schedule 3 treatment targeting the symptoms of psychological distress – a growing global mental health concern affecting about 15% of all adults in Australia alone and which currently has no over-the-counter treatment available.

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